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Muscle Roller Stick - 1592

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Muscle Roller Stick for Dancers

Enhance your muscle recovery and relaxation with the Suffolk Muscle Roller Stick. Designed for dancers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, this roller stick provides targeted relief for sore muscles, improving circulation and flexibility, and helping you perform at your best. Before dancing, it is the perfect warm up to increase blood flow to muscles and create better flexibility, range of motion, and overall mobility by opening up the fascia. Used after class, rehearsal, or performance, it helps with faster recovery by reducing inflammation, lactic acid, and joint stress. The Massage Stick is the perfect size to fit in a dance bag at 21 inches long.

How to Use:

  • For Legs and Thighs: Hold the roller stick by the handles and roll it over your thighs, calves, and hamstrings, applying gentle pressure. Focus on areas of tension and soreness.
  • For Back and Shoulders: Have a partner assist you or use the roller stick yourself by reaching over your shoulder and rolling it along your upper back and shoulder blades.
  • For Arms and Forearms: Roll the stick over your arms and forearms, applying pressure to relieve muscle tightness and improve circulation.


  • Color: Blue with black and gray handles
  • Material: Durable, textured rollers with ergonomic handles
  • Dimensions: Compact and portable size

Style: SUF-1592

Muscle Roller Stick - 1592
Muscle Roller Stick - 1592 Sale price€38,00