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Bobbles Elastics Set

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Introducing the must-have No Nasties - Bobbles Elastics Set! This set includes 6 fun elastics: finished with hair bobbles - star, heart, and ball ends. Say goodbye to boring hair ties and hello to super fun styles with this set. (Hair flipping levels may increase.)

Hair bobbles make tying hair super easy and oh so cute! The process is pretty simple!

1. Hold the hair in the position you would like it
2.  Place one bobble end on the top of the hair portion in place, I hold this down with my thumb
3. Twist the elastic around the hair with your free hand, several twists until it is nice and tight
4. Open the elastic towards the end of the loose part and pop it over the bobble secured down with your thumb

Style: NNA

Bobbles Elastics Set
Bobbles Elastics Set Sale price€12,50



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