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Article: Metropolitan School of Dance

Metropolitan School of Dance

Metropolitan School of Dance

Our Young Dancers Program is specially designed for pre-school and junior students.
Through imaginative and creative story-telling children are encouraged to develop in
confidence and expressiveness. Props and the use of musical instruments ensure a positive and fun-filled learning environment. Specially chosen music introduces the children to different musical rhythms and dance styles and stimulate their listening skills. Exercises have been designed to help children develop strength, control, co-ordination and correct posture. These encourage children to move expressively and help build the children’s confidence and self-esteem. Working in groups and with a partner enhance social skills. The basic principles of ballet are introduced with the positions of the arms and feet. Correct use of ballet terminology such as demi-plié (bend of the knees) and Sauté (Jump) are an integral part of our classes ensuring understanding from a young age.

From the age of 7 classes are based on the study of the syllabi of the Royal Academy of dance. The children, building on the strong foundations established in our young dancer’s program further develop their classical technique. An ethos based on positive and constructive feedback ensures continued self-confidence and builds self-esteem. Children are entered for Royal Academy of Dance and Irish Board of Performance Examinations and excellent results are consistently awarded at both graded and vocational levels.
We provide vocational training for those students who would like to take their ballet to ahigher level. This program of study is for those students who wish to challenge themselves technically, artistically, musically and creatively, to achieve their maximum potential. Students study ballet, pointe work, repertoire, strength & conditioning and contemporary.





The school is also involved in mentoring student teachers enrolled on the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Teaching Ballet Studies. Many of our former students are now teaching throughout Ireland, England , Canada and Australia.
At the Metropolitan School of Dance, we hope to help each child to develop their maximum potential according to their own talents and abilities. We aim to create a happy working atmosphere based on mutual respect.

With this in mind, we would like all our students to enjoy their classes as much as we enjoy teaching them. Whether you consider ballet as a hobby, a way to keep fit or as a vocation, we have a class for you.


Uniform List:


Leotard: Chloe Pink 

Skirt: P.skirt Pink

Tights: seamless pink/ socks pink - TS 73

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 

X/Over Pulsara - Pink 


GRADE 1 + 2 

Leotard: Aimee Lavender 

Skirt (option) - Pskirte Lilac 

XOver - Freed Cotton Lavender 

Tights - seamless pink - TS 73

Shoes - SD 69 Pink  or SD 69L Pink


GRADE 3 + 

Leotard- Allowed any fashion leotard.

Tights - Convertible Pink - TS 82

Shoes - SD 16 Pink 

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